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Pre-K Program 

Our club provides a “take home” book to each Pre-K student in Indian River County.  Your mission (should you choose to accept) is to read a book to a Pre-K classroom at one or more elementary schools.  You are provided with enough books for the entire class.  After you read the book to the class, each child is then given a book of their choice (teacher facilitated).  Each child then signs the inside of their new book.   Your time at the school is approximately ½ hour.   Visits to the elementary schools take place during a one week period in either March or April. You can volunteer one time or several times during that week. The kids love the attention and their new books. 

“Adopt a School Program” at Citrus Elementary School Reader”-You will read a book (or two) to several K-1 students.  This happens every Tuesday and Thursday during the school year from 8:15-8:45 am.  

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heath & welfare

Growing Healthy Kids Project

Children from the Hope for Families Center and Youth Guidance Mentoring Academy attend fun filled, educational classes focusing on nutrition.  There are two sessions, one in Spring and one in Fall.  There are 5 classes in each session.  Each class is from 9:00 to 12:00 noon on a Saturday at St. Francis Manor.  Several field trips are arranged during both sessions.   One example: a visit to the Ocean Drive Farmer’s Market where the kids interview the vendors, purchase vegetables, and return to St. Francis Manor where they learn how to prepare nutritious dishes that are kid friendly.   As a volunteer/mentor you will help the kids prepare the dishes, talk to them about their interests, etc.  The average age range of the kids attending is between 8-14 years old.   Please volunteer for at least one or more of the classes. The kids truly benefit from your mentoring!!

Florida Baptist Retirement Home Special Events

Father’s Day was a big day at the Florida Baptist Retirement Home thanks to more than a dozen Sunrise Rotarians.  Food, fellowship and plenty of music made these special people feel loved and appreciated.  More events to come in 2019-20.    Read more ...

world community

Rotary International has established five “Avenues of Service”

            Community Service

            Club Service

            Youth Service

            Vocational Service

            International Service

As with all Avenues of Service Rotary International has asked clubs to concentrate on Six Areas of Focus:

            Peace/Conflict Resolution           

            Water & Sanitation

            Disease Prevention & Treatment

            Maternal & Child Health

            Basic Education & Literacy

            Economic & Community Development

Background - Sunrise Rotary, Vero Beach has a vibrant and active International Committee, led by Rick Root. Since 2011, our club has participated in fostering most of the Six Areas of Focus in the state of.  Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Working with the local Puerto Plata Rotary Club and Community Corps, these activities include:

  • Funding bio-sand water filters
  • Funding four aqueduct systems to provide an adequate water supply to remote villages.   Read more ...

youth services

The Four-Way Test Student of the Quarter Good Choices Awards  is a quarterly program that recognizes one boy and one girl 8th grade student from each of four middle schools in Indian River County.  At the beginning of the school year, Sunrise Rotarians visit four schools and introduce the awards program by facilitating discussions about how the 4-Way test can help solve personal predicaments and make good choices.  A lesson plan is provided that includes interactive discussion and problem-solving activities.  The Four-Way Test posters and awards criteria are provided to each school for distribution to teachers and administrators.  Each quarter, the school’s teachers, counselors and administrative personnel will select one boy and one girl 8th grade student who demonstrate good character, ethical behaviors and good choices that embody the basic principles of Rotary.

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There is no doubt that protecting our environment is a major priority all around the world.  As Sunrise Rotarians, we have some great opportunities to make a positive impact on the challenges in this area.  The following are a few of the things Sunrise Rotarians are doing for the environment:

1) We are in conversation with the Moorings and St. Edward's School re: a rain garden, oysters and water monitoring. 

2) We have been a part of ORCA's living shoreline project.

3) We have coordinated a clean up project with KIRB to clean up one of the Indian River Land Trust sites on September 21, the International Coastal Cleanup day.  Contact Nancy Brown to let her know you want to participate. 

4) "A Day in the Life" education project on the Indian River Lagoon is scheduled for October.  Kids from all up and down the lagoon will be taking water samples, seining, and more to report the condition of the lagoon all on that one day.  This is done each year and helps show trends, threats, etc.  We have volunteered to work alongside homeschoolers in Sebastian.  

 5) We are looking into sponsoring Water Refill Stations in specific areas of the community to help eliminate throw away plastic bottles. 

6)  A "Rain Garden/Lagoon Garden Incentive Program" for residents of the City of Vero Beach is in the planning stages.

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vocational & mentoring

community services & partnering