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Procedure for Membership

  • Meet with an active member of Sunrise Rotary Vero Beach to discuss your interest in joining.
  • Receive an invitation from the member to attend a Wednesday morning breakfast meeting.
  • After visiting at least three times, if you are confident you would like to join Sunrise Rotary Vero Beach, request a sponsorship from the member who invited you.
  • Our Membership Chair will provide you with a Membership Proposal Form.  Complete this form and return it to the Membership Chair.
  • Your completed application will then be considered by the Membership Committee.
  • Your application for membership will be on the agenda at the next scheduled monthly Board Meeting.
  • Following board approval, your sponsor will be notified and request that your name be added to the membership roster. If no objection is made by a member, you will be invited to become a member.
  •  At the next club meeting, the sponsor will accompany you, as a new member, for induction into Sunrise Rotary Vero Beach.


Still have Questions? 

Contact Laura Kennedy, Membership Chair



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